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Trained by the experts
All TS Train courses are created by qualified trading standards officers with extensive experience of delivering effective training in legal compliance.

Simple access to Training records
The TS Train system is simple to use not only by the student but by the manager who needs to know how the student is doing and when they have completed the course.

Not only that but for large organisations it is simple for the Central Training or HR department to ensure that all staff within the organisation have been trained.

Modular courses
Students will be given their own password to gain access to their allocated course, which will be in modular form. In this way they can complete the course at their own pace and in manageable study periods.

There is no difficulty remembering where they left off because the system will automatically return them to the finishing point of their last session.

Each module has a short test to ensure that the information has been taken in, successful completion will enable the student to progress to the next module.

Training Certificate
Upon successful completion of all modules and the associated tests the student will receive a Certificate and the company will have their own training record.

Due Diligence
TS Train will be an invaluable part of your due diligence system and is bound to impress Trading Standards officers and convince them of your commitment to fair-trading.

Stepping stone
TS Train provides courses for all levels in your organisation from sales staff and vehicle technicians to managers and directors. There are also stopping off points for specialist courses in credit, safety and sale of goods law. Some of your key staff can also train on line for the Trading Standards Institute Fair Trading Award.
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